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Double room 58.00 lv. 68.00 lv.
Single room 52.20 lv. .58.00 lv.
Students in BFU sgl 48.00 lv.  
Students in BFU dbl 52.20 lv.  

  • The hotel reserves its rights to change the prices and make discounts. Regular customers, tour operators and organized events are entitled to special price.
  • Room rates apply per night. Prices are in levas/1 EUR is approximately 2 lv/and include all taxes.
  • Cancellation policy: A reservation should be cancelled at least 48 hours before the day of arrival. If a reservation is not confirmed until 12 o’clock on the day of arrival it is automatically cancelled.
  • Payment method: in cash, by credit cards, by bank transfer.
  • Check in: 14.00
  • Check out: 12.00


Phones :+359 56 900 580, +359886111601

e-mail: hotel@bfu.bg

WEB: hotel.bfu.bg